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Moss Adams: Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

We'll show you where to look for abnormal activity, what to document, and how to proceed—plus reduce the risk of fraud occurring in the first place.




If you discover fraud or questionable activity in your business, you must act fast. Otherwise, you could lose a large percentage of what should be revenue or even end up in a nonrecoverable situation.


With fraud examiners working closely with industry professionals, we have the training, experience, and bandwidth to help you fight fraud and recover from its effects. Our forensic accounting and investigative experience includes:


  • Conflicts of interest
  • Corporate espionage
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent financial reporting
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy fraud
  • Insurance claims fraud
  • Litigation
  • Misappropriation of corporate assets
  • Money laundering




Investigative and Forensic Accounting


Our team can investigate suspected fraud, abnormalities, and irregularities as well as provide expert witness testimony.


Data Analysis


We can uncover potentially fraudulent behavior with analytical tools that reveal inconsistencies in data. To do this we employ both custom-made and industry-leading tools, including ACL software that analyzes and cross-references large amounts of data from disparate sources.


Fraud Risk Management


We can help you develop and evaluate your risk management program to decrease your vulnerability to fraud and misconduct. We use interviews, surveys, and focus groups to analyze your existing strategies, refine your fraud-risk profile, and establish the right protocols to avoid the types of problems your business is most susceptible to.


Fraud Awareness Training


Deterring both internal and external fraud starts with your employees. We can teach them how to assess industry-specific risks, establish preventive actions, and create an environment of mutual proactive vigilance.