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Hawkfield Gallery Fine Arts Consultants - American Fine Art in Review

The arts and the entertainment industry have experienced a significant boon with the advent of digital technology. Who could have imagined we would all be downloading, listening to and watching art works and tunes created since the beginning of analog photography and recording media explosion. Music, as we all know, is prone to piracy because of the nature of modern digital technology. However, art works – paintings and sculptures – are more difficult to duplicate or fake in comparison.


When it comes to making sure you get the original works, you need a reputable art collector or a fine arts consultant to assist you. And If you are looking for 20th and 21st century American fine art and folk art, particularly in American impressionism, decorative songbirds, wildlife bronzes and shore-bird decoys, you are welcome to visit and browse Hawkfield Gallery which specializes in such art genres. The art collection represents 25 years of collecting work done by the gallery owner, Sally Caverly, who has a B.A. degree in marketing, a master’s degree in education as well as experience as Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house.


Hawkfield Gallery’s website contains a clear, colorful and realistic online catalogue of its collection with the necessary specifications provided for visitors’ reference. The aim of the gallery is to make buying and selling an open, accessible and fulfilling experience for clients. As such, Hawkfield’s art consultants stand ready to offer friendly assistance throughout the whole process of buying and selling art works.   


With their wide experience, Hawkfield Gallery art consultants efficiently manage every phase of the collecting process, as can be gleaned from the price ranges posted in their online gallery. To get an idea as to the kinds of services the gallery provides as well as the artists represented, please check out “About the Gallery” page.


For those who prefer to see the art work in “person”, they can visit the Hawkfield Gallery along  Boston’s South Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston. They are open all throughout the year by appointment.

Fraud Detection Solutions : How to prevent Bitcoin fraud?


Bitcoin (BTC) is an anonymous electronic payment that acts like cash. There is no chargeback or Bitcoin fraud in BTC transactions.


However, there is a possibility that service providers such as web hosting suffered from abuse of services by customers using BTC as anonymous payment method. FraudLabs Pro can help you to screen out these high-risk customers.


Below is the recommended rules to screen BTC customers using FraudLabs Pro.


  1. If Visitor IP is in Anonymous Proxy Record, then trigger manual review.
  2. If Visitor IP is in Blacklisted Record, then trigger manual review.
  3. If Device IP is in Blacklisted Record, then trigger manual review.
  4. If ISP Usage Type is Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit or Content Delivery Network, then trigger manual review.
  5. If Distance Between Visitor City & Shipping City > 100 miles, then trigger manual review.


Bacall Development: How to find a good commercial property


There are a lot of things to consider when you're looking for a commercial property. Finding the perfect property for your business can be difficult, so Bacall Development advise you to keep reading to help you search for the right one.


Location can set a great difference to the kind of business you own. Not every business rely on location for the success of their business. If you depend on customer contact in a retail setting, then be in a place that is accessible to your customers because it could affect the success (or failure) of your business.


You may choose a location that offers a peaceful environment if you don't see clients that much. Your staff will be more focused to do their tasks with serene surroundings. Creating a home office is also advisable to save on operating costs and provide potential tax savings if you're not expecting visits from your customers and don't have any employees in site.


Size is also an important factor to consider, based on reviews gathered by Bacall Development and its associates. See to it that the property fits perfectly to the kind of business you have. To avoid added expenses because of retrofitting, make sure that the place has been outfitted with wiring to complement your communication and electrical needs. You should know the zoning ordinances of the place as well.


Even though the location has high rent but is accessible to your potential customers and meets the needs of your business, then it is perfect for the growth of your enterprise. It's good for a retail business owner to place its business near similar businesses according to reviews. Ensure that the property offers comfort and safety to your customers.


You can find affordable properties through courthouses and get a list of business closings or property foreclosures. Consider different alternatives as well such as buying a lot and have control over the construction and design, leasing a build-to-suit, and renting an existing space.

Consulting a real estate broker can help you find a commercial property and lessen your options. If there are places that interest you, better visit them in person to assess some issues that may affect your business such as competition, traffic, and overall convenience.


But if you're not the type that likes to go in different places by foot, you can search available properties online through real estate websites. Bacall Development wants you to act quickly in case you already found the right one for you and your business because a good commercial property does not stay available for long.

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Why clean air ducts?

Cleaning both the HVAC unit and the ductwork has beneficial effects to your home. Duct cleaning is a method to clean the intake, return and supply ducts of your home and professionals from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning use specialized vacuums, blowers, and brushes during the process. It includes a thorough cleaning of the HVAC system's registers, grilles, motors, fans, housings, coils and air handler.


Duct cleaning can be helpful in case of contamination in the HVAC unit and the ducts. Reviews made by Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning state that animals, contaminants, illness, mold, and renovations are some factors for duct cleaning.


Dirty ductwork might be the cause of renovation or remodeling to your home, especially if the ducts are not sealed off. Duct cleaning is needed if there was asbestos abatement, large dust, or lead paint removal. This method is also required if there was animal infestation or nesting inside your ducts. Remove first the animals then clean both the ductwork and the HVAC unit.


Mold growth is another problem that needs duct cleaning because ducts can release contaminants, debris, odors, or pet hair into your home after the registers have been vacuumed or cleaned. If you're suffering from an allergy-related illness, it would be better to consider duct cleaning as well as cleaning your HVAC unit to have a cleaner indoor air.


You should avoid fraud services online when looking for good HVAC companies on the internet, and once you found the company that is to your liking, make sure that you: check certifications and standards, check references, get free estimates, get full-service cleaning, verify results of the cleaning, avoid sprays and sealants, avoid steam cleaning and avoid any gimmicks. Good thing, the team at Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning provides service protection to their customers. Contact them for more details on alternative heating systems such as boilers, hot boilers and water heaters, and other information on their HVAC services.


Life Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigators

Life insurance is a promise between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to reimburse the occurrence of the insured person’s death or other event such as terminal illness or critical illness. In spite of so many restrictions and distinctions, so many frauds are occurring due to the false claims such as disappearance or any other fraudulent activities to obtain the financial gains. Claim Investigations investigate from the grassroots to obtain the genuine evidences and factors to claim the amount.


There are many ways to make a fraudulent claim which are usually presented to insurer, many people also attempt to make, Post-Dated Life Insurance which refers to a falsified policy that has been arranged after the death of the person but fabricated and appeared to have been issued before death of the person. Claim Investigations have already experienced such kind of cases, where we successfully find out the truth. This was just an instance of easiest way to fabricate a fraudulent claim and sometimes it is also difficult to find out in the records, however most of the Insurance companies have enhanced their records with more stringent way. Indeed, the medical history can be created within few hours. Most of the time, buyer take the policy without omitting the details of any pre-medical history or can create any medical condition. However, most of the Insurance fraud can be seen in Life Insurance Claims. Claim Investigations have resolved numerous such kinds of cases where it is difficult to know the truth. Claim Investigations normally collect and find about the below facts:


  • An original or certified copy of the policyholder's death certificate
  • Proof of identity as the beneficiary
  • Complete proof of the death
  • Date of, time and place of death
  • Detail circumstances of death
  • Copies of the treatment records (if death occurred due to any ailment)
  • List the names and addresses of all treating physicians and hospitals
  • And other possible details to detect the fraud


Claim Investigations, at GVS adopt the best practices of investigations to tackle the growing problem of Insurance fraud. Claim Investigations show you the steps so that you can take more precautions while dealing with any fraud claim or a genuine one but we would like to make you more cautious to fund for the claim. Claim Investigations would like to be your safeguard so that we can make harder for bogus claimants to succeed and our services will assist you in increasing your protection. Our services are excellent source for detecting the difference between genuine or fake claim. If you are suspicious about a claim or want to know more about our services, kindly contact us on info@claiminvestigators.com according to your requirement respectively.

Financial Times: Global Souls to Run Global Company - Human Capital Alliance Inc.


William Barnes, Financial Times


Managers at international businesses must expect to move country regularly. Could this help create a class of cosmopolitan, constantly mobile workers?


Nick Leeson, the legendary destroyer of the 233-year-old Barings Bank, was by his own admission naive, immature and unworldly when he was working in Singapore in the 1990s.


Left unsupervised he secretly ran up £830m in trading losses before he was discovered. Barings was subsequently sold to a Dutch bank for £1.


Raw pride and a reluctance to admit that he was failing stopped him telling anyone about his rapidly climbing losses, he explained in a recently published book.


Mr. Leeson did not claim to be discombobulated by working in an alien environment, indeed he enjoyed the tropical social life. But he has said that if he could put the clock back, he would not have got on the plane to Singapore.


How many of today’s budding global warriors will end up wishing that they too had not “got on the plane to Singapore”?


Until a few years ago the expatriate executive was widely understood to be someone acquiring a building block of career experience that would benefit him or her and the company.


In the last few years the spread of globalization has reached the point where businesses in global markets now expect their managers to relocate with few guarantees for the future on either side. Increasingly these move-able executives will be Asian, particularly Indian and Chinese, as regional domestic Giants reach out into the world.


The old-style western expatriate has not always been appreciated. The 19th century British Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, said that when he required advice in handling a foreign country he would ask a 20-year expatriate for his opinion and then do the opposite.


But at least in the 19th century working overseas was considered a high risk gamble at best or akin to taking holy orders. It was rarely – as today – deemed ordinary and easy.


In external appearance most modern businesses, superficially shaped by similar management solutions, tend to look familiar. But the reality is that diverse cultures, histories and stages of development make the intramural corporate experience very different, at least in emerging economies if not everywhere.


Western executives are increasingly attracted by the monetary and intangible rewards offered by ambitious Asian groups. At the same time, established global businesses blithely talk of building up diversified multinational managements made up of staff holding a variety of different values and attitudes.


“Some people love the speed of it, the variety and excitement and the opportunity. But there are others who really don’t welcome this and do not relish what’s going on,” says Edwin Sim, managing director of Human Capital Alliance, a consultancy.


“You have to know what kind of person you are. Modern management is tricky enough in one’s own culture. You need energy, flexibility and a certain toughness to do it in another country,” he adds.


Conventional academic preparation might help an executive avoid becoming another Nick Leeson (who had no formal training), but will probably do little on its own to unravel exotic business practices.


India may be poised to overtake the US as the world’s biggest producer of MBAs, but that doesn’t mean a foreign MBA will be able to spring open business mysteries that remain as delicately localized as they ever were, says Jane McKenzie, professor of management knowledge and learning at Henley Management College in the UK.


“That’s not the way education works. We provide a set of business tools and logical rigour. Ultimately our students have to take what is valuable for them out of the course and adapt that for local conditions,” says Prof McKenzie. “Anyone who claims paper qualifications are a panacea is a fool or a charlatan.”


Academic research has unsurprisingly found that expatriates with the most positive and flexible attitudes flourish best. A PwC Study discovered, less obviously, that almost two-thirds of foreign assignment failures were blamed by companies on the mismatched expectations of their executives.


Manifold factors can cause a clash between an expatriate’s pre-arrival assumptions and the reality, some only tangentially related to the work culture, such as climate, isolation or problems with a spouse.


Findings like this have encouraged some experts to conclude that a cosmopolitan managerial class, effortlessly confident in a multinational environment, must emerge to serve global business. Some argue that tomorrow’s managers will be “global souls” who habitually dabble in multiple cultures, to use travel writer Pico Iyer’s phrase.


The management pundit John Adams has suggested that such future internationalists will evolve while accompanying their parents on overseas postings.


So is a self-perpetuating managerial class destined to run global business?


Perhaps not. Languages and international experience are valuable but not everything, says Anders Lundquist, managing director of Bangkok-based headhunter Pacific 2000. “If an executive is at ease with himself, confident in his expertise and willing to adapt, he can go far. It’s a matter of character and energy, as it always has been,” he says.


A recent study by Erasmus University, Rotterdam, found that if a manager could survive the first six months in a foreign country without undue strain, the chances of eventual success were high. If, however, the shock of arrival was not quickly controlled, executives often became demoralized and foundered.


“The world is everybody’s oyster in the longer term,” says Prof McKenzie. “When logistically there are no management barriers left, we will be left with cultural differences.


“Whoever manages the space between these cultural differences is doing something important.

Source: http://humancapitalalliance.com/publications/senior-executive-life-issues-publication/financial-times-global-souls-to-run-global-company#

Pioneer Associates: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

Our relationships with leading professional firms throughout the world enable us to assist our clients in cross-border corporate transactions.


We are able to assist Singapore-based investors looking overseas, as well as foreign investors who wish to acquire a company, business, or assets in Singapore and South-east Asia.


We also assist shareholders and management of companies who wish to divest their interest in companies, businesses or assets. We help to prepare for and complete the process of their divestment.


We provide different levels of support, commensurate with our clients’ needs, in the following areas:


Negotiation Support

We can assist either buyers or sellers of companies, businesses, or assets in a purchase or sale transaction.


We assist in approaching and negotiating with sellers of target companies, businesses or assets on our clients’ behalf. This includes working with our clients to understand their investment criteria and requirements, in addition to assisting with the formulation of strategies that are approved by our clients, for negotiations with the sellers and their representatives.


We also assist owners with the disposal of their companies, businesses or assets. We work with our clients to understand the objectives of their disposal and their requirements. This enables us to assist with the process of identifying and selecting buyers and negotiating with prospective buyers and their representatives.


Due Diligence

We may be engaged by buyers or sellers in a transaction. We assist buyers in conducting due diligence of potential target companies or businesses. We also help sellers of certain target companies prepare for due diligence by buyers.


We may be engaged by buyers or sellers in a transaction. We assist buyers in conducting due diligence of potential target companies or businesses. We also help sellers of certain target companies prepare for due diligence by buyers.


When we represent buyers in a due diligence exercise, we devise programs, tailor our work and procedures to client requirements, and pay particular attention to the impact of relevant accounting and tax treatments and corporate regulations on the target company and their impact on buyers.


We provide support for clients who are preparing to sell their companies, businesses or assets. We work with management to evaluate the impact of accounting policies from the seller’s perspective. We also consider the impact of accounting policies on the value of a transaction to the buyer. We work with management of these companies to implement any necessary changes in accounting treatments before the owners embark on the disposal of their relevant investments.


Tax Restructuring or Planning

We can help with tax restructuring or planning of the group and/or companies before or after the transaction.


We typically assist a potential buyer or seller of an investment with the formulation of the structure for their investment or disposal, so as to optimise their tax position in the event of the acquisition or disposal of the relevant investment.


Appraisal and Valuations of Target Companies

We assist in the valuation of certain targeted companies, businesses or assets. When necessary, we work on such assignments with other professionals such as specialist valuers, accountants, and lawyers in other relevant jurisdictions.


Management Buyouts

We assist in the valuation of certain targeted companies, businesses or assets. When necessary, we work on such assignments with other professionals such as specialist valuers, accountants, and lawyers in other relevant jurisdictions.


Management buyouts are becoming increasingly popular in South-east Asia, as the more realistic valuations of business today make "buyout" more affordable. This allows key managers of Asian-based businesses to be in control of their destiny. We can advise management on the following principal stages of a management buyout:


- Assessing the viability of the management's proposals and appraising risks and rewards;

- Advising potential institutional lenders or investors on business plans;

- Advising on the proposed capital structure of the company following the buyout, by assessing the likely rewards available to each type of investor in a transaction;

- Identifying the most appropriate sources of finance and providing assistance with the negotiation of suitable terms;

- Assisting in negotiations with vendors on behalf of management;

- Advising on the tax structure of the acquiring company and the tax position of the management;

- Coordinating the services of other advisers with the buyout; and

- Providing ongoing advice following the buyout.

Howard Marans MD: What To Look For To Tell If You Fractured Your Wrist

What To Look For To Tell If You Fractured Your Wrist


Wrist fractures are a serious and painful condition that usually occurs as a result of trauma, such as breaking a fall with the wrist. Although wrist fractures can be painful, the majority of cases can be completely healed as long as they are treated promptly. Below, we will take a look at what wrist fracture symptoms you should look for.


Understanding Wrist Fractures


The wrist is composed of a number of bones. Any of these bones can be broken during a wrist fracture. In addition, some people damage the bones in the forearm that articulate with the wrist. Athletes and older adults are especially at risk of fracturing the wrist. A fractured wrist can cause pain and can press against the nerves and tendons that run to the hand to control the fingers.


Symptoms of Wrist Fractures


If you have sustained a wrist fracture, you may experience a variety of symptoms depending on the location and severity of the fracture. Some common symptoms include:


  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Severe pain
  • Pain that gets worse when gripping or squeezing
  • Inability or difficulty moving the hand
  • Numbness in the hand
  • Visibly bent or deformed wrist
  • Bone poking from skin


If you are experiencing these symptoms and believe you have a wrist fracture, it is important to seek treatment promptly. Fractures are more likely to heal fully when they are treated promptly.


Treatments for Wrist Fractures


Treatment for wrist fractures depends on the nature of the fracture. If the fracture is a hairline or stress fracture, the location of the bone is left intact. The goal of treatment in this case is to immobilize the wrist so that the bone can heal without sustaining any further damage. This type of fracture is usually casted or splinted.


If the wrist is fractured in many places, the fracture is an open fracture, or the bone is severed in two, then surgery is usually necessary to put the bones back in their natural positions so that the bones can heal. The doctor first performs open reduction, which is putting the bones back in place, then internal fixation, which is the use of screws, pins, and other hardware to keep the bones in place. Then, the bone is casted.


After the bone heals and the cast comes off, strength and flexibility has often been lost. To relieve these problems, the doctor will recommend exercises you can perform at home. In addition, you might attend formal physical therapy sessions at first.


If you think you have a wrist fracture, Dr. Howard Marans would be happy to meet with you about your diagnosis and treatment. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call OC Orthopedic at (714) 979-8981.

Source: http://www.bagtheweb.com/b/JVeiYi

Bradley Smoker: 2-Rack Smoker Product Review

"Bradley Smokers have been my smoker of choice for the last number of years because I love the ease and convenience of their digital smokers. Set the temperature, fill the hopper with your wood bisquettes of choice, place meat in the smoker and walk away. There is no need to tend to the smoker, making sure there is enough wood or that the temperature is getting too hot or cold. The smoker takes care of it all really. I have had the Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker for a while now and it has produced consistently excellent results.


Bradley has recently released a new compact smoker. This smaller unit is perfect to sit on a countertop and has 2 racks which is still plenty of room to smoke enough food to feed a family!"


To read the full review please visit www.theblackpeppercorn.com  


Iovation Stop Online Fraud Real Time: Reputation Manager 360

Prevent Fraud with Device Reputation.


Identifying the device used to commit fraud is an effective way to root out fraud — and one that iovation has offered its clients for years. What is new in the fight against fraud is device reputation, a new layer of defense that builds upon device identification and available exclusively from iovation. The only solution on the market today that takes an in-depth look at not only the device but also its history when used online, creating a reputation score.




Business Rules


Set and fine-tune rules to assess risk by leveraging evidence, geolocation, velocity, watch lists, anomalies and risk profiles.


Geolocation & Real IP


Unmask proxies to find where transactions are originating to know where your users are really coming from


Deployment Options


Respond to threats fastest with our web service implementation, or deploy with gateway or through a third-party service.


Reporting & Analytics


Analyze trends and report on effectiveness through scheduled and on-demand reports and by working with your client manager.


Mobile Recognition


Block fraud from any Internet-enabled device including PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops and even consoles.


Real-Time Response


Automate Accept, Review and Deny responses through our API and take action against risks in milliseconds.